The Light Princess


Book & Lyrics: Anthony Lawton
Music: Alex Bechtel
Based on the story by George Macdonald

BARRYMORE AWARD WINNER - Outstanding Original Music - Alex Bechtel/Tony Lawton
BARRYMORE AWARD WINNER - Outstanding Leading Actor in a Musical - Alex Bechtel

The Light Princess follows the life of a Princess, cursed by an evil witch to be forever 'light.' We see her grow up, unable to stay on the ground - physically and emotionally, as she floats and laughs her way into adolescence. Finally, she meets a prince, and as he sacrifices himself to save her beloved kingdom's lake, The Light Princess learns what it means to care about something serious. 

The Light Princess had its world premier on April 5, 2017 at the Arden Theatre Company. 


Cast/Creative Team

Director: Steve Pacek
Set Designer: Nick Benacereff
Lighting Design: Oona Curley
Sound Design: Rick Sims
Costume Design: Jillian Keys
Cast: Anthony Lawton (Macdonald), Brett Robinson (The Light Princess), Alex Bechtel (Prince/Witch), Emily Gardner Xu Hall(Queen), Rob Tucker (King)


                                              photo by Mark Garvin